Notification List

Integrity Movers BC - Notification List

The Ultimate Notification List

When we move or relocate, there are so many things to think about, the list can be long and very demanding of our time. Being organized in the key. This Notification List will give you a good place to start.

5 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Notify your Postal Service of your change of address.
  • Contact us to reserve your moving date.

4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Contact BC Hydro
  • Contact the Gas Company
  • Contact the Phone Company
  • Contact the TV Cable/Satellite Company
  • Contact the Water Company
  • Contact your Cellular Phone Company
  • Contact your Credit Card Companies
  • Contact your Doctor or Healthcare professionals
  • Contact your Garbage and Recycling Pickup/Removal
  • Contact your Pharmacy
  • Finance Companies such as Banks and Credit Unions
  • Home Services such as Snow Removal and Lawn Care
  • Magazines Subscriptions
  • Membership Clubs
  • Newspaper Subscriptions

3 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Contact your Dentist
  • Contact your Doctor
  • Municipal Tax Assessor
  • Provincial/Federal Tax Office
  • Social Security Administration
  • Veterans Administration, if applicable

2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Contact your Accountant
  • Contact your Attorney
  • Contact your Auto Insurance Company
  • Contact your Financial Planner
  • Contact your Health Insurance
  • Contact your Home Insurance
  • Contact your School(s) Administrator
  • Contact your Vehicle Registration Bureau
  • Contact your Vetenerian Clinic

1 Week Before Your Move

  • Contact us to confirm your moving arrangements.